Château de la Prospérité 2022

Château de la Prospérité

AOP Bordeaux

Discover Bernard Magrez's "Château de la Prospérité". This is a predominantly Merlot blend,
from the south-facing clay-limestone slopes of the village of Les-Artigues-de-Lussac. Wrapped in a brilliant ruby color, the wine presents notes of fresh, slightly ripe red fruit (raspberry, blueberry) on the nose.
on aeration. Round on the palate, with a wonderfully long, fruity finish. Enjoy now
or let it age to express its full complexity over time.


  • Appellation: AOP Bordeaux
  • Soil type: Clay - limestone
  • Grape varieties: Merlot, Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Blend: 95% Merlot 3% Malbec 2% Cab. Sauv.
  • Annual yield: 36 hl/ha


  • Eye: crimson colour, shiny disc
  • Nose: Notes of red and black fruits combined with spicy aromas
  • Palate: A delicious, silky, well-balanced wine.

Food & wine pairing

  • Cheese
  • Red meats

Winegrowing singularities

Wine Singularities


  • Density of 5,000 plants/ha
  • Double Guyot Bordelaise pruning
  • Vineyard grassed and worked in between the rows
  • Cavaillon weeding (chemical and mechanical)
  • Integrated protection
  • Mechanical harvesting
  • Plot selection
  • 4-week maceration with temperature control
  • Traditional ageing in vats
  • Winters in Bordeaux are generally mild, with daytime temperatures averaging around 10°C (50°F). Night-time temperatures can sometimes drop below zero, but frosts are rare. This favors proper winter dormancy of the vines.
  • Spring was cool and often damp in Bordeaux. Temperatures begin to rise gradually from March onwards, favoring the budburst of the vines. Abundant rainfall in spring is essential for the initial growth of the vines.
  • Summers in Bordeaux are hot and sunny, with daytime temperatures averaging around 25-30°C (77-86°F) during the grape ripening period. However, the proximity of the Atlantic Ocean helps to moderate summer temperatures and avoid extreme heat. Hot days are often followed by cool nights, allowing the grapes to retain good acidity.
  • Autumns in Bordeaux are mild and often wet. This is harvest time, which generally begins in late September or early October for white grapes. Autumn rainfall can sometimes be abundant, which may require special attention to avoid fungal diseases.

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