L'inespéré des Grands Chênes 2019

L'Inespéré des Grands Chênes

AOC Médoc

Located in Saint-Christoly-Médoc, a town once renowned for its trading port that became a gateway to the world, "L'inespéré" des Grands Chênes is a structured, suave wine that makes the most of its Garonne gravel terroir. This wine is aged for 16 months using the traditional method.


  • Appellation: AOC Médoc
  • Soil type: Garonne gravel
  • Grape varieties: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Blend: 60% Merlot 40% Cab. Sauv.
  • Annual yield: 46 hl/ha


  • Eye: Ruby color
  • Nose: Red and black fruit aromas
  • Palate: Round, balanced, complex


Food & wine pairing

  • Red meats,
  • Dishes in sauce


5-10 years

Winegrowing singularities

Wine Singularities


  • Bordeaux pruning
  • Integrated pest management
  • Inter-row and under-row tillage
  • Mechanical harvesting
  • Average maceration time 28 to 30 days
  • Aged 12 months
  • Winters in the Médoc are generally mild, with temperatures remaining above freezing. Rainfall is frequent, contributing to the soil moisture necessary for vine growth.
  • Spring brings mild but sometimes cool temperatures, with regular rainfall. This is a crucial period for vine growth, as the vines begin to bud and flower.
  • Summers in the Médoc are generally warm and sunny, favoring optimal ripening of the grapes. Daytime temperatures can reach pleasant levels for grape growth, while nights remain cool, helping to preserve grape acidity.
  • Autumn is a critical period for harvesting in the Médoc. The days are still warm enough to allow final ripening of the grapes, while the cool nights help preserve the balance between sugar and acidity in the grapes.

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