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IGP Pays d'Oc

Pierres Fendues" is a red wine that embodies the spirit of Pays d'Oc. It is the fruit of a careful blend of Syrah and Merlot, two grape varieties that thrive on clay-limestone soil in a Mediterranean climate.

A land dotted with split stones. These stones, silent witnesses to centuries gone by, give their name to an exceptional wine: "Pierres Fendues".

The "Pierres Fendues" offers a combination of rich and balanced flavours, with fruity and spicy notes, creating an experience unique.

Each bottle of "Pierres Fendues" is an invitation to discover the Pays d'Oc, through the prism of an authentic, bold wine. It's an experience to live, a journey to savor... a story to tell.


- Merlot
- Syrah

Soil type: Clay-limestone.

Method of growing Vineyard: Cordon de Royat and double guyot

Vinification: Respect for fruit and round tannins. Grapes are harvested at full maturity. Temperature control. Daily pumping over. Aging to enhance the aromatic intensity of our product.


Here, the power of the Syrah offsets the roundness of the Merlot for a perfect balance. The result is a deep, fruity yet soft wine.

Les Pierres Fendues is a blend of Syrah and Merlot from IGP Pays d'Oc, offering a combination of rich, balanced flavors, with fruity and spicy notes. The velvety structure of this red wine is characterized by black fruit and spice aromas contributed by the Syrah, while the Merlot adds a silky texture and nuances of red fruit. Together, these characteristics complement and enhance each other, creating an experience unique.


Food & wine pairing

To accompany Bernard Magrez's Les Pierres Fendues, a blend of Syrah and Merlot from IGP Pays d'Oc, here are a few food and wine pairing suggestions:

  • Fresh Pasta in Bolognese Sauce: The rich flavors of the Bolognese sauce blend perfectly with the velvety structure and fruity notes of this red wine. The black fruit aromas of Syrah complement the meat flavors, while the silky texture of Merlot harmonizes the entire dish.
  • Poulet Rôti aux Herbes: The spicy, red-fruit notes of this wine blend well with the aromatic flavors of herb-roasted chicken. The velvety texture of the wine complements the tenderness of the meat, creating a delicious balance on the palate.
  • Mature Cheese Platter: Ripened cheeses, such as Comté, Gouda or Brie, offer a variety of flavors and flavors.


This wine is ready to be enjoyed in its youth, and can be fully appreciated within 3 to 5 years of bottling.

Winegrowing singularities

Wine Singularities


The climate in the Pays d'Oc region is characterized by Mediterranean nuances, while also being subject to Atlantic influences from the west and continental currents from the east. It is shaped by the presence of four major winds: the mistral, tramontane, marin and autan. These meteorological elements make the Vineyard Pays d'Oc unique, benefiting fully from the sunshine typical of the Mediterranean climate.

As for the terroir, its diversity is remarkable, offering a palette of varied soils such as clay-limestone, schist and stony sand. This wealth of soil types encourages a vast range of grape varieties to flourish.

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