Primeurs 2023: on the road to 2050!

19 Apr 2024 | Wines

Discover the future of the wine world during Bernard Magrez's Primeurs week Grands Crus Classés from April 22 to 26 at the iconic Château Pape Clément.

Taste the grape varieties of 2050

For over 10 years, Bernard Magrez has been engaged in a visionary scientific study, "La Tour Carnet - Bordeaux 2050", to analyze the effects of climate change on vines and guarantee the quality of tomorrow's great Bordeaux wines.

Discover the results of this study and taste a preview of the grape varieties that stand out as a way of adapting to the climate change expected by 2050. Will they be able to complement Bordeaux wines in the future?

Meet innovative startups

More than 100 projects have already benefited from the support of the Bernard Magrez incubator, to be launched in Bordeaux in 2021 and extended to Strasbourg in 2023, at the crossroads of Europe. This startup incubator embodies Bernard Magrez's desire to give a boost to entrepreneurs with innovative ideas for the industry.

Meet these visionary entrepreneurs and discover their startups focused on key areas such as artificial intelligence, sustainable viticulture and environmental preservation: major areas of development in the wine industry.


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